Pet Dental Care

Taking Care of Your Pet's Dental Health

One area of your pet's health that often goes overlooked is dental health. Getting in your pet’s mouth to clean and brush his teeth might be difficult, but it is very important for you to do. Doing so goes a long way in prolonging your pet's oral health and allows him to continue eating foods he enjoys while keeping his teeth. At Callahan Drive Animal Hospital in Knoxville, it is our veterinarian’s goal to help you with your pet’s dental health and all of your other veterinary needs as well.


Home Pet Dental Care

Dental care for your pet starts at home. You need to clean your pet's teeth once a day. Now, we know this can be tricky at first. Your pet may not like having fingers and brushes stuffed into his mouth, but just like checking his feet or his ears, as long as you attempt to do this daily he will adjust and, eventually, he will let you clean his teeth.

Pet Dental Care Items To Use

Don't use toothpaste made for humans. Yes, this can clean his teeth, but your pet will likely eat some of the toothpaste. Toothpaste is not made to be ingested especially by animals. Instead, you need to pick up pet toothpaste. While it is designed to clean your pet’s teeth it is also safer on the stomach, should he swallow some of it.

There are some helpful pet toothbrushes you should consider as well. One is a kind that fits over your finger. Some pets don't like the long toothbrushes running in and out of their mouth. Pets are more comfortable with your fingers being close to their mouths. However, if your pet is comfortable with a toothbrush there are pet brushes that have a "V" shaped bristle. This allows you to brush both the front and back of the teeth at the same time. Realistically you probably don't have a long time to brush your pet's teeth before he starts to get anxious with fingers in his mouth. The "V" shaped brush helps you clean more in less time.

Regular Pet Dental Checkups in Knoxville

At Callahan Animal Hospital, we can perform regular dental checkups and cleanings. We can help clean off the plaque and other gunk that clings to your pet's teeth that you may not be able to reach. We can also provide you with tips and suggestions for how to go about cleaning your pet's teeth.

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Whether you're looking for a pet dental cleaning or want a new veterinarian in Knoxville, now is the perfect time to give Callahan Drive Animal Hospital a call at 865-938-0243. We're here to help your pet every step of the way to keep him smiling for years to come.


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