Pet Bathing

What You Should Know About Bathing Your Pet 

No matter what kind of pet you have, you will see some degree of variation when it comes to personal hygiene. Some dogs love to jump in mud puddles while others would prefer to be carried over them. Some cats are meticulous about grooming and some just settle on the bare minimum.

Like humans, a pet who is depressed or anxious may not pay as much attention to their habits as one who is not. Callahan Drive Animal Hospital wants all the pet owners to Knoxville to have a better idea of the benefits of pet bathing. 


The Basics Of Pet Bathing

Pet owners will find that there are differences between different species and different breeds. They will also quickly notice that there are differences even within the same breed. However, for the most part, you should be bathing your dog regularly. Cats do not necessarily need the same consideration unless they have managed to be sprayed by a skunk or otherwise landed themselves in a mess.

How often you bathe your best friend will depend on their individual needs. Two owners of two French bulldogs may find that both will have quite different bathing schedules.  

Tips for Getting It Right 

Short-haired dogs with soft coats will not need to be bathed as often as those with oily coats. Long-haired dogs like Golden Retrievers repel water, so you do not want to strip them of those oils by bathing them too often. And while it may seem like dogs with very thick coats should be bathed more often — because more dirt can collect in them — you are better brushing them more often than bathing them more often. 

Benefits of Bathing 

Most people will bathe their pets because they want their home to smell better, but there is a lot more to the task than just getting rid of an unpleasant odor. Bathing helps get rid of old fur and dead skin cells. It stimulates your pet's skin, which can boost anything from blood flow to your pet's mood. If your pet has a skin condition, bathing could also help control it as part of a standard treatment plan. 

Call a Veterinarian in Knoxville

If you want to learn more about pet bathing, Callahan Drive Animal Hospital is here to help. Too many people just rely on their nose to determine when to bathe their furry companion, but the reality is more complicated than simply detecting an offensive smell. It is helpful to learn more about the general recommendations for your pet, but sometimes only customized advice will do. Talk to a veterinarian today and see how bathing can help you maintain your pet's health. 


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