Can I get a Rabies vaccine without an exam?

No. We do not want to give your pet any injection or medication without first assessing the overall health of your pet. He or she make look fine, but even a slightly elevated temperature can negatively affect your pet.

Does a drop off appointment cost more?

Nope! We understand the difficulty of arranging appointments with a work schedule. There is no additional fee to drop your pet off during the day for any service.

My pet is boarding with you, what do I need to bring?

Please bring their own food. We do have food here in case you forget, but they always do much better when on their own food. You may bring toys, blankets, and treats if you wish, but we also have lots of those here as well. Your pet must be current on all vaccines. Canines must have Rabies, Da2pp, and Bordetella. Felines must have Rabies, FVRCP, and Felv if they go outside ever.

Can you spay or neuter my exotic pet?

Well, if you have a male rabbit, rat, or sugar glider, we can help you. The procedure is pretty simple. Fast your pet the morning of your appointment, drop them off at 9am, and they will be ready to go home in the afternoon. We do not neuter any other male exotic, and we can't spay any female exotic. Please call for the cost of a neuter for rabbits, rats, or sugar gliders.

Something is wrong with my pet, should I bring them in?

This is one of the hardest questions to answer, but if you are asking the question, the answer is probably yes. If you have a child, and they were having the same symptoms, would you take them to the doctor? If the answer is yes, then please, call us and we will be happy to schedule you an appointment. You are always welcome to call us and discuss your pet's symptoms, but please understand we cannot diagnose over the phone. About all we can tell you is, "sounds ok to watch over night", "sounds like you should come in today", or "I'm clearing the schedule come in right now".

I found my pet's medication on 1800 petmeds for cheaper. What is the difference?

Thank you for asking! 1800 petmeds and similar online pharmacies cannot guarauntee where their products are coming from. Our products come straight from the manufacturer and often come with a guarantee. If you have always gotten heartworm prevention from us, and our system shows you have purchased it regularly, and your pet still gets heartworms, the company may be able to help with the cost of treatment. The same goes for some flea preventions such as frontline.


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