Laser Therapy

How Laser Therapy Can Help Your Pet

Class IV laser therapy, or cold laser therapy, is used by veterinarians to treat animal health problems including injuries, strains, arthritis, swelling, and musculoskeletal abnormalities. Laser therapy is also used to treat pinched nerves, inflammatory problems, and degenerative or bulging discs. With traditional surgical methods, these issues might take several operations to correct. However, depending on your pet’s condition, laser therapy might be a viable alternative to surgery. 


Class IV Laser Therapy

Pet laser therapy, a fairly new concept, uses powerful beams of light to stimulate cell regeneration and increase blood flow. This helps the dog’s body regenerate more efficiently on its own. The laser therapy also releases endorphins, which increase the dog’s feelings of well-being. Dogs typically enjoy laser therapy and find it relaxing. Sessions last between five and twenty minutes. Some other benefits of laser therapy include decreased pain, improved healing times, and decreased development of scar tissue. Our Knoxville veterinarian will work with you to select the correct laser therapy treatment plan for your pet’s specific needs.

A Safe Procedure

Class IV laser therapy is approved by the FDA for the treatment of animals. At animal hospitals and veterinarian clinics across the country, laser therapy for dogs is now available. There are a few more benefits to laser therapy that might not be as obvious. For one, the treated area does not need to be shaved in preparation for surgery. Your pet also does not need to be sedated for laser therapy – we allow the animals to roam the room as they please during their sessions, though they usually choose to lay down because they find the procedure relaxing. The goal of laser therapy is to help your pet move more easily. If your pet’s daily activity level increases, they may need fewer medications over time.

Schedule a Laser Therapy Session Today

Before your pet’s first laser therapy session, we will conduct a preliminary examination to determine if laser therapy is right for your pet. Dr. James Hilla of Callahan Drive Animal Hospital is proud to serve Knoxville and the surrounding area. We love your pets like you love your pets. To learn more about laser therapy, or to schedule an examination, give us a call at (865) 938-0243 or book an appointment online.


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    I love Callahan Drive Animal Hospital! Best Veterinarian & Staff in Knoxville been going here for 15 years ! Only place I trust with my fur babies ! Everyone is helpful and friendly and they really care about your animals highly recommend !

    Tracy S.

    Took my 3 y/o tortoise recently and I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was the vet knowledgeable and kind, but the overall visit (including an x-ray) was reasonably priced. I definitely recommend and I will be returning for future services

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    This group loves animals! Everyone is so kind and helpful! This Vet loves sharing information too! Wouldn’t go anywhere else!

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    This is the best vet I’ve ever took my dog to I couldn’t see myself going anywhere else they took very good care of my son and I feel so much better knowing exactly what’s wrong with him very very sweet staff thank you soooooooo much Dr.Hilla and staff

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    Doc Villa ALWAYS takes care of Studly Dudley!! I will ALWAYS recommend Callahan Drive Animal Hospital & their entire team as they truly do care for your animal in the same way you do!! Dr Villa has cared for Dudley for most of his SIXTEEN years & he’s still happy, healthy & strong!! I strongly believe, Stud has made it to this old age so gracefully due to the care he’s been given with this facility!! I would not trust another team than Callahan Animal with my “first child”, the only place for us to go!! Highly recommended!!

    Lauren H.

    10/10 experience was even better than hoped for. As a snake owner, you hear things about vets that make you question taking them and it was very comforting and nice to have someone who not only helped but took the time to talk about caring for them properly. Thank you guys so much!

    Lydia B